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        Dr. Sébastien Court

        Assistant Professor, Department of mathematics & Digital Science Center, University of Innsbruck.

        During my former postdoc positions I worked on simulation of displacements inside volcanoes caused by fractures (Labex ClerVolc, France), and on optimal control problems with time and geometric parameters (Graz, Austria).

        I have also worked on control and stabilization of self-propelled systems in a fluid during my Ph.D. thesis.

        Preliminary versions of some of my preprints are available here.


      - Artificial Neural networks.
      - Approximation theory.
      - Machine/Deep Learning.
      - Data-driven optimization problems.
      - Optimal control problems.
      - Surface tension models.
      - Elasticity theory.
      - Finite Element methods.
      - Mechanics of deformable solids.
      - Fictitious domain methods.
      - Fluid-Strucutre Interactions.


      - With Karl Kunisch and Laurent Pfeiffer:
      Hybrid optimal control problems; Optimal control problems involving L-terms in the cost functional.

      - With Christoph Augustin, Karl Kunisch and Gernot Plank:
      Modelling of elastic deformation of cardiac tissues;
      Maximization of variations of a mechanical pressure, in order to improve defibrillation.

      - With Olivier Bodart, Valérie Cayol, and Jonas Koko:
      Modelling and inverse problems in geophysics.

      - With Michel Fournié and Alexei Lozinski:
      Stabilized finite element methods for fluid-solid interactions, using the GetFEM++ library.


      Institut für Mathematik
      Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innsbruck
      Technikerstraße 13/7
      6020 Innsbruck - AUSTRIA

      Office: 707         Tel: +43 (0)512 507 39756          Email: sebastien.court@uibk.ac.at